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Lightweight and compact size. Easy-to-set temperature due to built-in controller.
   HAP4020 / HAP4030   (Single-phase 200V 2kW / 3kW)
     HAP4530 / HAP4550   (Three-phase 200V 3kW / 5kW)
     Suction opening
Suction Opening
Suction Opening
Model No.
HAP4020 / 4030
HAP4530 / 4550
  • To adjust airflow volume, remove the suction       pipe, and turn the airflow volume adjustment       board.
  • When rem oving the suction pipe, airflow       volume is increased.
  • Please install the suction pipe when using the       circulation function.
  •        Operation panel
    [Operating Functions]
    OFF key Stop the operation.
    Blast key Operate the fan only.
    Hot Air key Operate both the heater and fan.
    Timer Start key*1 Start the operation after the specified time.
    Timer Stop key*1 Stop the heater after the specified  time and then the fan after the
    delayed time (2 minutes).
    *1 : Timer range     00 hrs 00 min ~ 99 hrs 59 min
    [Display Functions]
    Current temperature lluminated while the power is on.
    Preset temperature Illuminated while the power is on.
    Blast Illuminated during the blast operation.
    Heater Illuminated while the heater is operating.
    Timer Illuminated or flashing while the timer-control start or stop mode is turned on.
    Excessive temperature increase Illuminated when excessive temperature increase is detected.
    Abnormal suction temperature Illuminated when abnormal temperature is detected at suction opening.
    Fan Failure Illuminated when the temperature of the fan motor increases.
    Alarm Illuminated for any error such as a temperature control error.
           External control terminal block

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       *Gas temperature varies depending on the conditions of use. The product should not be used higher than the maximum    temperature.

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